Welcome to Engine 1, where your journey towards becoming your strongest self begins. Founded by Jason Holder, a passionate advocate for strength training and fitness, Engine 1 is not just a gym—it’s a hub for personal transformation.


At Engine 1, we believe that strength is not only about lifting weights; it’s about building resilience, empowering yourself, and overcoming the mental and physical challenges that life throws your way. We are dedicated to helping each member of our community forge their path to peak fitness through expert coaching, comprehensive nutritional guidance, and a supportive environment that encourages growth at every level.

Meet Our

Jason Holder, our founder, brings to the table years of experience in personal training and a deep commitment to enhancing the Olympic training sport in Barbados. His vision for Engine 1 is clear: to elevate the standard of strength training on the island and make it accessible to everyone, from beginners to elite athletes.


Our services are designed to cater to all aspects of fitness and well-being. Whether you’re looking to start your fitness journey, elevate your training regime, or seek nutritional advice, Engine 1 is equipped to guide you every step of the way. Our hands-on approach ensures that you receive personalized training tailored to your unique goals and needs.

Join Our

Join Engine 1 and become part of a community dedicated to pushing limits and achieving greatness. We are more than a brand; we’re a hub for transformation, grounded in empowerment, resilience, and excellence. Here, everyone supports each other on their journey to peak fitness. Forge your strength, build resilience, and experience the transformative power of strength training. Your strongest self awaits.


Our in-person training sessions are conducted at a well-equipped local gym in Barbados. This setting allows us to provide hands-on coaching and utilize a variety of fitness equipment to enhance your training experience.
Our digital training program is delivered through an exclusive app designed for Engine 1 members. It provides you with a personalized workout plan, instructional videos, and the ability to track your progress. The program is ideal for those who prefer training at their own pace or from different locations.
Yes, Engine 1 offers the flexibility to switch between in-person and digital training plans based on your convenience and fitness goals. You can manage your preferences directly through our app or by speaking with our support team.
Whether you choose in-person or digital training, Engine 1 ensures you receive expert guidance. Our in-person sessions are led by qualified trainers, while our digital platform offers comprehensive support through interactive features, direct messaging with trainers, and community forums.
Engine 1 stands out due to our holistic approach to strength training, which integrates physical and mental resilience. Our community-centric ethos, combined with expert coaching and flexible training options, offers a unique and transformative fitness experience.
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